About Me

When I was 3, at a Formula One race day, huge, blonde, curly hair and adult ear defenders swamping my small head, a photographer asked my parents if they could take my photo for their magazine, my parents said yes, I cried and said no.

Perhaps at that young age I knew how ridiculous I looked, or as I like to think, I was supposed to be behind the camera, not in front.

My passion for photography started in a small black and white darkroom at school, but I always thought I would go on to study fine art. Then I began photographing people and thrived on capturing their personality in a still image. Instead of fine art I went on to The Manchester School of Art to study and gain a degree in Photography.

During the past two years I've moved to a new city, worked in a top photography studio, set up my own business specialising in the art of children's portraiture and wedding photography, and I've had the pleasure of photographing some absolutely amazing families. It's been a busy two years! 

For more information on the experience and how I work go to sessions. 

Emma Nicol Photography is supported by The Prince's Trust.